Half of single men are kissing married women at work Christmas parties

November 19, 12

Office Christmas parties are infamous for naughty behaviour - but a new survey has claimed that HALF of all single men have kissed a married woman at a work bash.
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First Date Finances: An Infographic To Show Who's Paying For What

November 8, 12

We all know there's more spending going on behind the scenes of a first date beyond just who pays for dinner.

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New Cupid Survey Results May Instigate a Boom for Dentists

November 14, 11

Online dating pioneers Cupid Plc have just completed a highly anticipated survey of its members that reveals once and for all: what do people really care about on your dating profile? It revealed some exciting insights into the minds of its members which Cupid hopes will help ensure all budding daters stand a better chance of meeting that special someone in the future.
The study questioned more than 30,000 men and women from around the globe who are active in Cupid's vibrant community as to the specific details of what they look at and what they don't look at when they first see a dating profile.
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Cupid.com's 27 Date Record Breaker Shares the Secrets of His Success

October 11, 11

In just 12 months one 34 year old Cupid.com user has managed to engage in a massive 27 dates. This impressive record breaking feat is testament not only to this Canadian Romeo's endearing personality, it is also a huge tribute to Cupid.com's position as one of the best date finding tools in the world.
Oliver's situation is quite typical (name changed to protect his identity); a busy work schedule and regular travel commitments, so online dating was always going to be perfect for him. But to get this many dates must mean Oliver has some tricks up his sleeveā€¦
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